Our consultancy packages are made to fit. Consultancy visits, reports and recommendations can be organisation wide or for selected areas, programmes, teams of staff or contracts.


River K Solutions training packages can be either the delivery of pre-written courses (yours or ours) or bespoke training packages written for your specific needs. Please see below for pre-written courses.

Please note, these courses can be adapted to meet specific needs.

Company courses
Staff/Workplace Training
Ability Awareness (challenging perceptions of disability)


Effective Time Management

Successfully working with Payment Group 6/7 customers (delivery of welfare to work contracts)

Assertiveness Skills

Professional Boundaries

Equality and Diversity

Presentation skills
Please ask about any other courses you would like written or delivered.

Customer courses
Including Welfare to Work Customers
Confidence Building


Breaking through barriers

Goal setting

First impressions - How to show your best self

Knowing yourself

Employability skills

Literacy and/or numeracy improvement

Ability awareness - discovering your own skills and strengths

Literacy and Numeracy
Adult confidence building in literacy and numeracy can be delivered either one to one, privately or within a group. These sessions cover all elements or Literacy and/or Numeracy up to a Level 2 standard. These are confidence building sessions that build skills without the pressure of examination or accreditation.

Sessions can be written to cover specific elements of need such as:
Literacy in CV writing

Literacy in form completion

Literacy and letter writing

Numeracy in budgeting
We also offer private literacy and numeracy support courses for individuals